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Offered Sweets are the low sugar delicacies, you can have and share during all Indian festivals. These are also packed during weddings and their functions. Besides their sweetness and good taste, these are appreciable for their beautiful & tempting packaging.


The range of Sev is available in different flavors. It is used as both standalone snack as well as toppings of many chaats. This namkeen is offered with appetizing taste of savoriness and spiciness.

Namkeen Mixture
Offered Namkeen Mixtures are the combinations of vegetable oils, fry fruits, spices, grains and flours. These are the light as well as healthy nutrient-based snack, proffered with good taste.
The Falahari namkeen is a staple for the fasting days of Navraatri, Janmanshatami etc. It is offered in the varieties of sev, sabudana mix and other mixtures. It provides instant energy to the fasting people.
Rosted Namkeen

The Rosted Namkeen is a healthy alternative for those, who love to snack in their little hunger pangs. Having less oil content, it assists to maintain a right body weight and eliminates the chances of fat.

Winter Special Gajak
The Winter Special Gajak is a popular Indian winter snack, made from jaggery, til and others. This is a healthy alternative for those who love sweetness and do not compromise on snacking for no reason.

Offered with sweetness, spiciness and sourness, the Snacks can be consumed regularly during the hunger pangs of evening or some other time. They prevent overeating due to their wholesomeness.

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